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Gorilla Post Gets Grounded with a New Drivable Soil Base

Vancouver, Washington (July 6, 2016) – No longer will Gorilla Post™ Delineators be confined to pavement and concrete surfaces. They can now go off-road into more wild environments, delivering messages to drivers and pedestrians alike. Gorilla Post continues in Taming the Urban Jungle.

Now there is a easy solution when you need to display message signs in areas where there is no hardscape, thanks to the new member of the Gorilla Post family. Pacific Cascade Corporation, the firm who developed the patented Gorilla Post System has expanded its line of Quick Release, Fixed, and the exclusive Magnetic Base Delineators and Bollards to include the new Drivable Soil Base Delineator for off-road soil applications.


The Drivable Soil Mount Gorilla Post delineator is designed for installations without a hardscape surface, whether located near hard surface parking areas, in gravel parking lots, or a stand alone at areas such as festival pedestrian patterns or trailheads. This post will flex upon impact and returns to a standing position.

“This is an exciting day for Pacific Cascade. Customers often ask for a way to use our Gorilla Post system when there was no asphalt or concrete. Previously, these customers had to dig a deep hole and fill with concrete to create a durable surface to then install one of our posts. Now the Gorilla Post system can be directly installed on gravel, grass and dirt areas where a signpost or delineation is needed. Overflow parking lots and seasonal parking areas can now use the durable Gorilla Post system to achieve orderly parking patterns,” stated Lyle Peters, Director of U.S. Sales for the Gorilla Post System.

The delineator attaches to a 2” x 2” 12 gauge perforated square tubing. The 18” long tubing is sunk into the soil, giving the delineator an extra sturdy anchor point while still being flexible. This allows the delineator to withstand an impact that minimizes damage to the delineator and to the vehicle.

Gorilla Post Drivable Soil Base Advantages:

  • Gravel, grass and dirt application
  • Can be used with 12“-wide x 18”-long aluminum or plastic sign
  • Flexes on impact reducing damage to post and vehicle
  • Returns to upright position after impact
  • Lightweight, weighs under 10 pounds
  • Delineators can be deployed permanently or temporarily

The delineator measures 48 inches tall with a 2 1/3“ tube diameter mounted upon the 18?-long 2” x 2” 12 gauge perforated square tubing.

With the addition of the Drivable Soil Base to the Gorilla Post System, there is virtually no place where one of the Gorilla Post options of delineators or bollards can’t be used. Contact Pacific Cascade Corporation to discuss how the Gorilla Post System can enhance your parking operation.

Lyle Peters
Director of U.S. Sales for the Gorilla Post System
Pacific Cascade Corporation
14208 N.W. 3rd Court • Suite 200
Vancouver, WA 98685
1-800-292-7275 ext. 211

Since 1987, Pacific Cascade Corporation has been providing the Parking, Hospitality, Traffic Enforcement, and Environmental Sustainability Industries with products to manage and support their effective operational needs.


Gorilla Post helps protect the only Frank Lloyd Wright building in Alabama

City of Florence – Frank Lloyd Wright designed only a single home in Alabama.  It was one of his classic Usonian homes he was noted for, designed in 1939 for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum.  It is referred to as one of the “purest examples of Wright’s unique style.”  Constructed of cypress, glass and brick, the original house was completed in 1940; Wright added two new wings in 1948 as requested by the Rosenbaums.

The Rosenbaums were the sole owners of the home until 1999.  It has been meticulously restored and is now a museum with displays of some of the original Wright designed furniture.

Wright’s Usonian style typically included flat roofs, large overhanging eaves, plenty of glass and flowing space.  The low hanging, cantilevered roof over the driveway was designed for automobiles of a different era.  With some of todays higher profile vehicles, people would pull into the driveway and hit the roof.  Officials at the Rosenbaum House wanted to prevent this from happening and contacted the ParkingZone, a division of Pacific Cascade Corporation in Vancouver, WA.

Frank Lloyd Wright Rosenbaum House

The custom Gorilla Post helps prevent vehicle collision with contemporary high profile vehicles with the low hanging, cantilevered roof over the driveway.

After researching the Rosenbaum House, the staff at the ParkingZone recommended a customized magnetic Gorilla Post Bollard.  Gorilla Posts use rare earth neodymium magnets to lock onto epoxied or bolted metal base plates with a magnetic pull of 380 psi.  This allows the post to be deployed in exactly the same position every time.  If there is an event or the need for photography, an ergonomic tool lifts the industrial-strength magnets to allow quick, temporary removal of the Gorilla Post.  The Gorilla Post has a pivoting spring base that is impact-resistant and can pop back to its original upright position even after a 15 mile per hour collision.

Not wanting to visually distract from the Frank Lloyd Wright design by using bright, standard color options, a custom bollard color and style was chosen to complement the theme of the Rosenbaum House.  After the Gorilla Post bollards were installed, museum staff were very happy with the outcome and they worked exactly how they wanted them to.

Although the ParkingZone staff had to do a little more custom work, the end result is that it works exactly as the museum staff envisioned and they are pleased with the Gorilla Post’s performance.  This solution is different than a typical Gorilla Post installation, proving that it’s not just meant for parking lots and sidewalks.  It can now be said it is helping protect an American treasure.

The Rosenbaum House is operated by the City of Florence, Alabama.  The museum offers tours Tuesday through Sunday.  It is located at 601 Riverview Dr, Florence, AL 35630, (256) 718-5050. Visit their website for more detailed information at


Meter Hooding Solution

Meter Hooding

When changing over to Multi-space meters, Gorilla Post is the solution to reserving spaces.

With the Gorilla Post TM System, you won’t loose your ability to “hood the meter” and temporarily reserve individual parking spaces around your multi-space meters. Join dozens of other cities such as Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle and Portland who have been using the Gorilla Post system to successfully reserve parking spaces.

We find that we have high compliance with the Gorilla Post delineators, helping the permittee conduct their business in the area they reserved and for the citizen to not park in reserved spaces.

Because Parking Enforcement installs the Gorilla Post delineators, we have a high level of confidence when we are asked to enforce the delineator.  Parking enforcement will cite an illegal vehicle on routine patrols and tow upon a request from the permittee.

— Mark Friedman,  Portland, OR, Parking Enforcement

  • Enforceable – Post is held secure to the plate with 380 PSI vertical lift.
  • Effective – Sign post is clearly associated with the reserved parking space.
  • Easy to Install – Simply mount plates on concrete or asphalt adjacent to a parking space.
  • Easy to Use – Quickly deploy the sign post on the plate any time to reserve the parking space.
  • Staff-Friendly – Post weighs under 8 pounds. Post installs onto plate in under 5 seconds. Ergonomic tool used for sign post removal in under 5 seconds.
  • Pedestrian-Friendly – Post temporarily flexes if bumped and the base plate is ADA-compliant.
  • Visible – 6 color choices plus can add reflective striping.
  • Versatile – Sign can be attached to post or secured to top using accessory.

Reserving a parking space with multi-space metersThe portable Gorilla Post system is simple to implement and maintain. The system has proven its durability, from arid desert summers to stormy autumn coastlines to upper Midwest winters.

The Gorilla Post system of delineators and signposts is the perfect solution for creating permanent, flexible or temporary pedestrian and traffic patterns. 


Gorilla Post in Hollywood

LA_Live_Gorilla_Post_2L.A. Live is a 27-acre mega entertainment complex in Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA, adjacent to the Staples Center arena where the current the NBA World Champion Los Angeles Lakers play basketball. L.A. Live has 5,600,000 square feet of concert theaters, movie theaters, restaurants, bars, ballrooms, apartments, condominiums and a 54-story hotel.

L.A. Live uses both the Gorilla Post System’s post and bollard solutions. The bollards guide vehicles within the garages during ingress and egress. Staff members can quickly shift the removable bollards between lane locations depending on the desired traffic flow. The posts are in service outside the garages.

LA_Live_Gorilla_Post_1Looking pretty stylish in downtown L.A., The Gorilla Post Kong Bollard allows staff members to quickly relocate the bollards between lane locations depending on the desired traffic flow.