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The Gorilla Post system revolutionized the parking industry by using neodymium magnets to lock the rugged delineators, signposts, and bollards into a precise position. An ergonomic tool lifts the industrial-strength magnets to allow quick, temporary removal of the impact-resistant signposts and delineators. The systems base plate is ADA-compliant.

Over the years, customers have discovered additional applications for the strong, pedestrian-friendly system at warehouses, loading docks, factory floors, warehouses, amusement parks, sports venues, neighborhood special events, car washes, airports, school lunchrooms, multi-space parking meter installations and dozens of other places.

The portable Gorilla Post system is simple to implement and maintain. The system has proven its durability in hundreds of locations from arid desert summers to stormy coastlines to upper Midwest winters.

The Gorilla Post system is available with multiple options including tube color, tube diameter, reflective striping, sign attachment and loop caps for creating queuing lines.

The Gorilla Post system of delineators, signposts, and bollards is the perfect solution for determining permanent, flexible or temporary pedestrian and traffic patterns.